Described as possessing “an intense focus and restrained sensuality”, Juliana Pulford brings to flamenco an energy that captures both the emotive and introspective qualities of this art form. The only dancer in a family of musicians, Juliana gravitated to flamenco at an early age, initiating her studies in Toronto with Claudia Carolina and in Spain with La Presy. These early studies led her to eventually study with some of the flamenco greats like Manolete and La Tati, and acclaimed up and coming dancers like Soledad barrio and Concha Jareño. She was primary dancer and choreographer for Opera Lyra’s Carmen in 2002, and has produced and staged three full length flamenco works: Un Dia Flamenco (2001), Luna Flamenca (2003), and Tierra de Luz (2005), As a member of the collective Theatre Flamenco Juliana toured Misa Flamenca in both 1999 and 2001; and Tres Mujeres (Winnipeg 2007, Ottawa 2008 ). Interested in the convergence of musical and dance genres Juliana has worked with a variety of dancers and musicians: from katak and contemporary dance to classical music, spoken word, and African drumming. Juliana teaches in Ottawa at her studio where she also hosts guest teachers like Claudia Carolina (Toronto), Claire Marchand (Winnipeg), Ricardo Osorio (Mexico), and Concha Jareño (Spain).

Photo: Pedro Isztin

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